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Light Drawings

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I have been fascinated for a long time with the concept of drawing with light. I stumbled across an article once several years ago, written by an artist and photographer who, I believe, was one of the first individuals to use this technique.

How in the WORLD could he come up with these amazing works of art? A completely dark room. An exceptionally slow shutter speed with a tri-pod mounted camera. And? One of those crazy L.E.D. elastic headlamps. That’s how…


One night the love of my life was here visiting. We always come up with interesting things to do. And we started experimenting with my kitty cats’ laser pointer toy. Eureka! We drew on everything. We locked ourselves in a dark room and took photos for hours.

Since then, I’ve tried experimenting with different light sources. Different colors. Moving the camera, rather than the light source. The photos attaches were shot with my Fuji Finepix DSLR, Shutter Speed of 4 seconds, f3.9, ISO 200. I used two light sources: 1. the blue L.E.D. light on my TV stereo sound system, and 2. a red laser pointer. I directed the red light right into the blue light – moved my camera all around.

Turn some lights off, fling that shutter WIDE open, steal your cat’s toy, and have some fun!